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Korean Similar Fashion

The Similar Look: 
Popular fashion trend in S. Korea.
Twinning with your girlfriends without actually looking like twins

Credits: Marishe

Korean Fashion Shoes

Shoes play an important part of any outfit/styling. The entire character of an outfit can be solidified or tarnished thanks to whatever shoes on is swearing.
 It can also impact on how an entire outfit is ultimately perceived.

Here are some popular and stylish shoes in Korea:

1. Simple Sneakers

2. Buckled Heels

3. White/Black Sling Loafers

 4. Ballet Shoes

4. Ankle boots

5. Flat Buckle Loafers

6. Simple Loafer

7. Square Toe High Heels

8. Slingback Heels

9. High Ankle Boots

10. Color Eyelet Strap Shoes

11. 3 Ribbon Sandals

12. Simple Buckled Loafer

Credits: common-unique, mossbean